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I. Love Spells

Return a Lover Spell

Articles about bringing back your lover, witchcraft spells and understanding your spiritual love path to get a lost love back into your life. This witchcraft and love spells basic concept needs to be acknowledged before you can move to online love spells and witchcraft spell casting. Once you realise your role in your future, then love spells and sex spells or other powerful spells can work for you.

PHASE ONE – Love Spells, Sex Spells & Binding witchcraft Principles

A. Return a Lover Spiritually – Taking your physical location, understanding your spiritual path must be aligned and learning witchcraft actions to create blessings.

B. Return a Lover Physically – Taking your spiritual beliefs, using them with your physical location to align yourself and a love.

C. Spells Factors – Determining the right actions to align your spiritual and physical factors, which will allow a love spell to bring you two onto the same path.

D. Lost Love Logic – The logic of your love relationship, love sex spells and where your thinking holds you back from your true desires.

E. Reiki, Meditation & Rune Stones – Discover how to align yourself with a love. Become aware that you have had the control to change your love life all along.

F. Astrology of Witchcraft – Learn how to use astrology witchcraft to your advantage. Discover how the power of the earth, stars and planet alignment influences what you desire. The sky has many answers to where we come from and where we are going.

To read more articles about using witchcraft spells properly, spiritual guidance actions, the power of using astrology in witchcraft and the truth of how to bring back a lover with real spells – see section ii Return Lost Love Spell!

To read more articles about getting started with witchcraft and Wicca spells, plus how to change things with love spells today – see section iii Bring Back a Lover!

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