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Article Six --Astrology of Witchcraft

Intro: The spiritual side of astrology has been known to be witchcraft astrology. This is because witchcraft and Egyptian magick relies on the moon phases, zodiac signs (some times) and sun. If you are interested in the astrology of witchcraft, this section is for you.

In the art of Egyptian witchcraft, witchcraft spells and the ability to use energy influence, spell casters rely on the moon phases and alignment of stars for extreme spell power! There is nothing that compares! Professional spell casters will have background in how astrology in witchcraft will provide you a unique AND desired result!

The first phase of using astrology in witchcraft is to identify with a persons personality. Not all spell casters are created equal here… some will use horoscope signs, others moon phases and star alignment, then there are those who just use your birthday all by itself. Based on your personality, a spell caster can find the optimum time to do an extreme spell.

Second phase is to identify what spell the spell caster needs to perform. This part is normally done in extreme privacy.

Lastly, you should see them cast the spell according to the moon phases, zodiac signs or whatever calculations they use. Love spells, money spells, and sex spells always follow this format. Evil spells and revenge tend to sway from this format.

If you seek more about horoscopes, astrology in witchcraft and various other spells related to moon phases visit http://www.findyourfate.com/astrology/astrology.htm or http://www.cafeastrology.com/articles/mooninsigns_pg2.html which have been known to have unique information about astrology of witchcraft.

There is a lot that can be found about New Moon Astrology, Full Moon Astrology and Witchcraft Astrology… you just have to be willing and open-minded to gain the desired results from it.

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