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Article Five -- Reiki, Rune Stones, Meditation

Intro: This is a resource page for your spiritual path and journey to understanding using reiki, meditation and rune stones. Witchcraft has been known to be help for, including spells and magick – however – you should make sure that your spiritual path and spiritual guidance have been maximized to bring happiness.


Reiki has been known to have empowering affect on the soul and ability to overcome objections. This art has been defined as “a system of touching with the hands based on the belief that such touching” that many believe strengthen the body and vitals. You can reference http://m-w.com/dictionary/reiki “reiki” in Merriam-Webster Dictionary for the definitions.

If you want to know more about using this Japanese technique known as reiki, then consider the “http://www.reiki.org/FAQ/WhatIsReiki.html What is reiki?” resource page. Reiki is an independent belief with no religious or traditional attachment. It is normally taught in classes and from a reiki master. Through this practice you should be more attuned with your spiritual life forces.


Rune stones come in a bag or pouch. They have symbols on them and are normally of the material of rocks. People use these in efforts to gain answers. Some times it is beneficial to use a technique to get your answers for spiritual guidance along your spiritual path. People find a technique like such to help them work through the process of finding answers in their brain – just like some people find going for a walk will help clear their head and provide answers on their spiritual path.

If you would like some factual information about Rune Stones, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rune_stone Wikipedia Rune Stones for more information. If you are considering using these stones, also visit the http://healing.about.com/od/runestones/ig/Rune-Stones/index.htm About Runes Articles for pictures and practice.


There are many types of meditation out there. I won’t recommend one over another, but will say that I find focussing on an object the most effective. If you start with that and run your head through the details, color of it, how you can use it etc. then you will get the basics down pat. You can read on using meditation on your spiritual path on that website or throughout this one. Color meditation is also just as popular as object meditation.

Reiki, Meditations and Rune Stones – Another’s View

If you want to get into traveling the spiritual path and understanding more about native spirituality, the American constitution and how these things have influenced one culture – I found a really good website called traveling the spiritual path. This in no way is in connection to my beliefs or background, but I found the story compelling.

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