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Article Two -- Return a Lover (Return Spells)

Intro: This is a witchcraft article for bringing back a lover, using love spells or sex spells when you have NO physical contact. Powerful return alignment techniques to help witchcraft spells, love spells and binding spells to succeed. Talismans and Amulets for them and you could be your long-term relationship edge. Witch spells make a difference!

When there is no contact to bring back a lover, what do you do? Many are conflicted over do love spells work and can witchcraft be the answer to return love. If people understood that your spiritual path and journey along side with your physical paths must be aligned, there would be a lot more success even with return spells less powerful. Spell casting is not easy, but it is even harder to be an online spell caster if people don’t understand their role. Fake spell casters are only part of the problem.

After you have followed steps in article one, you should follow here for your love spells and money spells. The concepts are similar. Follow the magic spells concepts:

  1. Keep a physical connect to the lover you want to bring back or lost love. So many people forget that we need a physical door to the person for the free spells, online spells or lover spells to work! If this means writing a snail mail every second day to the address you have on file then do it! Send an email every second day. I don’t recommend calling, as this requires them to do more than listen, but you can always call their friend or an associated person to them.
  2. Put the mystery back in your life through your lover’s eyes. Whether this is posting a mysterious photo on your myspace.com page that may be a highly attractive male/female that you are going out with, or starting a conversation with someone who talks to the love you want to bring back. Do something to put mystery back into their views.
  3. Use love spells and sex spells that are completely sealed! Many spell casters will try to save money by not sealing their return spell, which over a quick period of time will scatter the spell. The results will be seen for a short time, then the powerful return spell is lost to negative influences in your area attacking the energy. It is very hard to explain, just request that it be sealed or the spells won’t work.

These are the key advantages you can give to return spells that works and is real because it shows direction, making sure it’s not confused in its spiritual goal. Powerful spells look for the spiritual and physical actions you are taking to know which direction it is meant to be working. Free spells are normally not sealed. Make sure you ask your spell caster questions! Return love spells need

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