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Article One -- Return a Lover (spiritual)

Intro: This is a metaphysical article about witchcraft and bridging the gap between the spiritual and physical location of yourself and lover. In order to allow a love spell, sex spell or magic spell to work – you must be willing to allow your spiritual path to cross. This guidance is designed for taking control of your choice to use witchcraft, Wicca or wiccan spells. It is powerful and focussed on bringing back your lover and the return of lost love!

Do you know how spells work? Spells that work are very powerful when a person has a deeper spiritual guidance. You must realise that the world is changing everyday and your physical position in relationship to the lover you want to bring back is too! Witchcraft spells, magic spells and love spells can help you on this journey, but you can also help yourself in many ways!

White magick is designed to influence a lover to return to your love, but the VERY LAST STEP of commitment to a long-term relationship will be taken by them in love. White magic doesn’t affect free-will. That last step for love fromspells is theirs alone. Therefore, prepare for it by taking your physical location and aligning it with your spiritual self.


Check list for your physical aligned with your spiritual path

Are you complete?

  1. Have you really resolved the scars on the inside about love? Do you hold anything against your lover? Love spells bridge the gap and you want to make sure that witchcraft is not being held back by obstacles. Take the steps in section II to resolve long-term relationship scarring that prevents love and prevents brining back a lover.
  2. Love spells are powerful and acknowledge your growth. Make sure you understand what the pattern was between the two of you! If you notice energy going around in a circular patter, write down that pattern on paper!
  3. Read the article entitled “The Spiritual Candle” to learn how to reflect even deeper. You can use techniques for love spells, magic spells and your sex spells to work.

Are they complete?

  1. You may find that your love spell is willing to help on your end. You see the signs in witchcraft, but you know your lover you want to bring back has not spiritually evolved on their path. If you are in contact with them, then try to help them evolve and overcome the past.
  2. If you are not in contact with them, see the next article on aligning your spiritual path with your physical AND with their spiritual.

Through understanding your past, love spells and sex spells have more powerful results that work. If you can get a scar healing, clensification spells or negative removal of energy over the past, sometimes called good-luck spells or good fortune spells – then do it! Witchcraft, Wicca and Magic spell casting is about closing in the gap of spiritual guidance to one path that leads back to you. Bring back your love and find a lost love through love spells and sex spells that match your spiritual path!

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