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II. Astrology of Love Spells

Astrology Witchcraft & Spell Casting

Understand the astrology witchcraft that makes best spell casters strength and weakness. Spell casting as different horoscope signs have assets and weakness. Find out more about if someone is stronger in protection spells, love spells or sex spells. These spell reviews will help in choosing a spell caster for love spells, money spells and lust spells. Witchcraft spells and love magick spells knowledge.

Astrology Spell Casting - One horoscope sign over another?

A. Spell Casting for Aries – The astrology horoscope sign of Aries strength and weakness of your spell caster and how being Aries influences your spell casting for love spells, sex spells and money spells.

B. Spell Casting for Gemini – If you are Gemini how does spell casting for sex spells, lust spells and love spells give you the advantage. Why choose a Gemini spell caster for love, sex and money?

C. Spell Casting for Taurus –So you are strong headed? The pros and cons of love spells, money spells and protection spells being cast by a Taurus and what to look out for if you are Taurus.

D. Spell Casting for Cancer –There are reasons to avoid Cancer spell casters or spell casting! Protection spells, revenge spells and sex spells do intrigue them.

E. Spell Casting for Leo – These Leo spell casting has good attributes. Love spells and money spells are quiet interesting when done by a Leo spell caster. Find out why.

F. Spell Casting for Libra - Libra are conservative and wise. Should you consider your love spells or sex spells being conjured by a Libra?

G. Spell Casting for Virgo - Virgo are sensual creatures! Find out how to use their powerful spells for love, money and sex right here. They are second strongest to a Gemini spell caster!

If you want to understand more about return of lost love, understanding your spiritual path with them and why you need to participate in the journey of spell casting - read section Return a Lover Spell.

When you are fully understanding your role in love spell casting, plus want more about how the witchcraft spells work to align yourself and your lover into one relationship - see details under Return Lost Love Spell!

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