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II. Astrology of Love Spells

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Article Seven --Spell Casting for Virgo

Astrology Witchcraft for Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Virgo spell casting is amazing and always new! Astrology witchcraft shows that Virgo spell casters operate in groups for spell casting. They love to use love spells and sex spells – romance! They have been known to wear spell casting cloaks while doing Wicca spells and magic spells. They walk in harmonious footsteps and are extremely good at enchantments! Enchantment love spells are their favourite!

Virgo spell casters will use enchantments, soft touch spells and love spells. Their primary focus is in honouring beauty spells, sex spells and lust spells. These people have balance to their spell casting and life. Their Wicca spells are amazing love Wicca Witchcraft spells and sex magick spells! There is no chaos or clutter in their life. Virgo spell casters will surround themselves by pretty things. They honour long-term relationships.

Wicca spell casting as a Virgo means that you keep beauty spells, potions and love spell enchantments close to you. If you want a love potion, love spells or sex spells that have bliss and desire as their primary focus – ask a horoscope sign Virgo. Their powerful sex spells, easy potion magic spells or charms are amazing!

Virgo spell casting has mystery to it. Their magic spells and Wicca spells are designed are the softer feelings. Powerful love spells from a Virgo are common to trust. Their charms and talismans are rarely wrong. Powerful Virgo spells can alter feelings between two people. Virgo spell casting will enhance romance and mystery. Magic love spells are extreme for taking scars away and emotional damage.

Protection spells are Virgo spell casters primary focus. Their protection spells are powerful for love, lust and sexual enhancement to be preserved. Virgo spell casting tends to do powerful love spells, sex spells and love magick that resolved romance issues – THEN they use protection spells to preserve the sex spell or love spell from harm or they assign a spell charm. Nothing compares to how a Virgo spell caster will use magick protection spells!

Virgo astrology witchcraft has psychic love spells! Besides the Gemini spell caster, the Virgo is one of few who have the abilities to use natural-born psychic love spell ability during a love spell cast! Virgo is a goddess design spell casting group leader. They tend to operate in groups, which brings more weakness to the table when using their psychic love spell gift. The Gemini spell caster has psychic love spells beyond anyone other astrology witchcraft sign – however – you should respect the group power of a Virgo spell caster, consider tapping into their psychic love spell abilities! Both Virgo and Gemini are amazing lovers! Their powerful psychic love spells don’t compare!

The real Wicca spells that use psychic love spell ability are rarely seen online. However there are a few REAL WICCA spell casters that have this ability, which I know of right now. Psychic love ability rather comes from birth and is not a talent. Don’t be confused! If someone says they are a psychic love spell caster and claim they learn Wicca spells, plus their psychic ability within the spell work – run!

Virgo spell casting is about love spells, love potions, sex spells and charms! In astrology witchcraft, they are second to a Gemini spell caster for psychic love spells. Virgo horoscope sign spell casting tends to be the leader of a group (covert) and be focussed on harmonizing relationships with love spells, sex spells and romance spells! They use Wicca protection spells to protect their work when done. Their protection spells are more powerful than another other astrology witchcraft spell casting sign!

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