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Article Three --Spell Casting for Taurus

Astrology Witchcraft for Taurus (April 20-May 20)

The Taurus spell caster is not to be reckoned with on your spiritual path. In astrology witchcraft, they normally take on the role for evil spells and revenge spells. Their powerful spells have the raft and influence of acting God. Their greatest opponent is the Gemini spell caster. Taurus makes their own spiritual path, with a traditional witchcraft role of using evil spells and revenge spells. Gemini spell casting takes on the role of love and passion. All other astrology signs in spell casting tend to waiver lines of evil and good, yet these two spell casting signs (Taurus spell casting and Gemini spell casting) tend to stick to their evil and good side respectively.

The Taurus spell casting is extreme focus based and uses lots of ritual. The astrology Taurus doesn’t learn witchcraft spells easy. They tend to be alone, stubborn and private spell book learners. Learning spell casting for them is about their thinking. In old magic spells: the Taurus learn spell casting for powerful money spells, career spells and control. They are extreme spell oriented around evil spells and revenge spells. Don’t count on them for love spells or sex spells.

Ask a Taurus spell caster whether they use white magic spells or black magic spells. Taurus is extreme, powerful spell casters for black magic spells. However, their white magic spells produce results that are weak UNLESS your spell casting request is for money spells, lottery spells or career spells. You can secretly get a heads up on whom to choose for spell casting, if you know their spell casting horoscope sign. Use Taurus spell casting for evil spells, revenge spells.

Even though a Taurus’ primary good at spell casting for evil spells and revenge spells – don’t rule them out for everything else! The Taurus has strength in spell casting for money spells, no debt spells, more money spells and career spells. Their primary use in old magic on the evil side was to spell cast evil spells and revenge spells, but their primary role in white magic spell casting is money spells and career spells.

Taurus has clever ways of gaining powerful ranks. Their career spells, money spells and no debt spells have furthered evil players and white players alike in their careers, giving them more money and less debt. You can trust them on financial freedom should they use white magic spells. Else, if they use black magic spells ask for revenge spells or evil spells.

Horoscopes mislead people when it comes to their spiritual path or spiritual journey. Avoid horoscope astrology that is commercial, as it waivers to what you really need to discover about yourself. The Taurus in horoscope has little to do with the Taurus of real life. If you are a Taurus and want to know more about your inner intuition, then ask a Taurus spell caster for real answers.

Hope you enjoyed my article summary of what to expect in Taurus spell casting, Taurus spell casters and magic spells alike! If you need money spells, evil spells, revenge spells or career spells count on a Taurus for powerful spells like these! Remember to give them a broad perspective of the problem because they are focused powerful spell casters.

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