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II. Astrology of Love Spells

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Article Two --Spell Casting for Gemini

Astrology Witchcraft for a Gemini (May 21 – Jun 21)

The Gemini is a twin. A lover. Someone you can trust to be there when your emotions are low. Astrology plays a very key role in witchcraft. Spell casting for love relies on the Gemini view of perception. Long-term relationships relating to sex spells or love spells commonly need this view. In spell casting, the spell will always work at its extreme power when the Gemini is at its strongest in the astrology world.

This may be new to you if you are learning witchcraft or Egyptian witchcraft. Learning spell casting basics will help you further your talent or gift. If you are looking for a spell caster, you have higher odds of their effectiveness in they are Gemini. Gemini spell casters normally have their soul mate and are very happy. Their love spells and sex spells are especially powerful because of their natural ability to work with the moon phases, astrology signs and their internal twin powers.

Gemini spell casting has been a secret left unpublished due to the ancient times when kidnapping the most talented spell caster in Cairo. Old astrology witchcraft mentors are still aware of their powers, but since the time of the missing – there has been little spoken word about Gemini spell casters. The dark times in the moon phases had been cast on many Gemini spell casters of incredible talents. Their raise in powerful spell conjures was used by their kidnappers for evil spells and revenge spells, forcing the Gemini spell casters to do their bidding for power.

In modern Astrology, the Gemini spell caster still has their natural born gift to raise and conjure powerful spells like no other spell caster. Astrologists and old magic Witchcraft mentors have yet to explain where these natural spell casting talents originate within them, however, to this day their love spells and sex spells are the most extreme spells out there.

If you are a Gemini and are seeking out your soul mate, a powerful love spell or sex spell – then beware that your natural ability to be influenced by a spell will help you. You have an inner lover soul mate gift that allows you to intuitively work with love spells and sex spells to bring back a lover or return a lost love. If your spell caster is good in astrology witchcraft, then they will provide you with ways to get in touch with your intuitive ability to use their spells. Your soul mate will be discovered through personality and never looks. Love spells, sex spells and powerful relationship spells can conjure your dreams to be with this person.

Using astrology, the Gemini spell caster can evoke Con Darkes to fuse lovers together above all else. This private ability to this day has little records and I am not the first to admit that I will write little more about this love spell ability within the Gemini spell casting.

Remember not to listen to horoscopes so closely. Lots of these are just commercial gimmicks and not specific to your powers. If you want to know more as a Gemini about your inner abilities to put soul mates together, return lost lovers or bring back a lover, then speak with a Gemini spell caster out of all people. They can feel within and tell you what your strengths are without questions. Horoscopes are so weak and generalized towards Gemini’s at large. These horoscopes can get you distracted from the real spell casting channeling abilities! Astrology Witchcraft is an old magic spells art that few have heard.

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