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Article Four --Fake Spell Casting Caster - Spoke Fakes!

Intro: Fake spell casters and fake spell casting has been the concern of many for as long as there has been spell casting. Review love spells, money spells and sex spells prior to ordering. Now is the time to learn these traditional witchcraft signs of a fake spell caster / casting before you are con, scammed or something worse.

Fake spell casting has been an on-going issue in the psychic, clairvoyant and spell caster community. Few people can find reviews for love spells, sex spells and money spells, resulting in less people learning real witchcraft signs and practices. This article is designed for you to identify the signs of a fake spell caster and prevent fake spell casting.

Is the spell caster answering emails, phone and/or other questions?

When you are dealing with a professional spell caster and in the earlier stages of learning the love spells, money spells and sex spells that they will perform for you, this person should be in contact within 48 hours of each question. Professional spell casters have a deep focus on love, money, sex and protection issues that people are experiencing. The spell caster will be concerned for your well-being.

If you find any type of metaphysical service like spell casting, psychics, clairvoyance or other tarot card reading services are not answering your questions in reasonable time, then don’t even consider buying their spell casting or psychic reading products!

Will the spell casting relating to love spells, sex spells and money spells be performed in a session over 30 minutes or more?

Egyptian witchcraft, Akychi practice and/or other traditional witchcraft spell casting will take over 30 minutes to perform. If someone is promising to perform a love spell, sex spell or money spell in less than thirty minutes then there is no way this is able to happen. You need to back out of the spell casting website and consider other love, sex and money options. Spells need to be performed in sessions over 40 minutes to be considered a powerful spell AND a real spell!

Do they call it a “love spell”, “sex spell”, “money spell” and yet offer you no real name for the spell itself?

There are many spell casting practices and people who would have learned spell casting, however, the fake spell casters tend to lend towards just calling it a love spell, money spell, sex spell or protection spell – but provide no detailed name. Powerful spells normally have a latin or transverb name that has been converted over to English language spell casting. If a spell caster can’t offer you one of the original names or English names, than they are a fake spell caster.

When you research their background and/or spell casting success stories, do people appreciate their powerful love spells, money spells and sex spells? Are the statements enthused with “real spells” and/or “real spell caster” comments?

A good reflection of their service shows signs in independent testimonials of their spell casting. Fake spell casters will have something posted, but it will all look written by the same person. Fake spell casting testimonials will have the same vocabulary and the same looking phrasing because they wrote the testimonials themselves. For real spell casting, look for independent testimonials on other spell casting websites, etc. and/or signs of real spell casting testimonials on their own. None of the I wrote them all fake spell casting blurbs.

Are they promising results for love spells, sex spells and money spells but not explaining the spell casting procedure and/or how to learn the spells?

Has the spell casting procedure been explained in full? Fake spell casters will post a “love spell” or “sex spell” on their website, but not explain a single thing about what this spell can do for you. Real spell casters are going to explain approximately how long the spell casting will take, how powerful the spell is compared to other spell casts and approximations in spirituality / physical expectations after the spell cast. If your love spell, money spell or sex spell doesn’t explain this at a minimum then don’t order.

I understand that spell casters have a certain amount of privacy they like to keep. If a spell caster answers all your questions, but one about your love spell and long-term relationship – then don’t fret. It may be a spell casting secret kept through generations of spell casters.

How new are the metaphysical, spell casting and/or psychic websites online? Is it put together with ‘homepage’ like quality and funky colours?

RED ALERT: You just visited a spell casters website and you see blue text mixed in with red, green and an unknown grey. You just visited a fake spell casters website because anyone who is a professional spell caster would take pride in hiring someone to make their website reflect their abilities. Fake spell casters will have websites claiming “triple cast” or a bunch of jibber jabber on the first page prior to the spell casting order page. If it looks like a HOMEPAGE and not a professional website, then don’t order as its normally just a teenager trying to be witch and do witch spells.

Hope you enjoyed this hot discussion about witchcraft spells, love spells, sex spells and money spells and how they relate to fake spell casting. Keep your eyes out for fake spell casters and watch for real powerful witchcraft spells. They can be powerful when done by a real witchcraft spell caster!

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