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Return a Lost Love Spell

Article Two --Return a Lover (physical alignment)

Intro: Some people just need to know… should I bathe in oil, do candle magick or witchcraft rituals if I am hiring a spell caster to help with my love spells, sex spells and money spells? The answer is not always black or white, nor is magick.

Are you to bathe in oil, do candle magick or witchcraft ritual to open a physical door? Or is the spell caster tricking you to do their job?

The only reason a spell caster should recommend bathe in oil is for a love spell or sex spell that requires a physical door to be opened. This is normally done through recognizing yourself through a trigger event or word. Love spells and sex spells can be complicated if a spell caster is not good with bindings. This spell casting act is only done for love spells and sex spells to bind a person to the spell itself or the lover you want to bring back.

Is there any spell casting phase work required, where candle magic and candle spells need to be on your side?

Candle spells are normally a weaker spell to be done by a spell caster or yourself. If they are asking you to do this, they are asking you to do their spell casting work or to do the spell itself. You can do these at home. See my free candle spell section. Candle spells are also used on meditation, runes reflection and some witchcraft magick for spirituality. There are never used by you for powerful spells done by spell casters themselves.

Is your long-term love energy being sent spiritually? Is the spell casting needing your feelings in a direct channelling for a love spell or magic spell?

If a love spell, magic spell or candle spell is being done via channelling psychic or spell caster – it is possible that you will need to do something. The reason for spell casting being a joint effort is because the channelling spell caster is using a portal to ask the spirits on your behalf. You may be needing to be involved with a spell caster for this purpose. If the spell is not about asking the spirits and is a powerful spell done by the spell caster themselves, then this is not needed. Love spells, candle spells and magic spells are powerful and extreme on their own and wouldn’t need you to jump hoops just to perform them.

I hope this witchcraft spells, magic spells and candle spells knowledge gives you some food for thought.

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I. Love Spells

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