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I. Love Spells

Return a Lost Love Spell

Article One --Return a Lover (witchcraft spells)

Intro: Those who want to know how to get their money’s worth for love spells, money spells and sex spells should consider this section. Learn how to know what to look for in spell casting to get your full money’s potential and to find the right spell caster.

What are the basics that your love spell or sex spell must achieve to be worth buying?
Does the spell caster answer their email?

One clear sign you will find with spell casters and ordering sex or love spells is whether they answer their emails. Make sure you get someone who is constantly answering their emails. Your long-term relationship, spell casting order for love or sex is important. The last type of spell caster you want is a fake or hobbyist. Extreme spells and love spells are hard to come by in a professional degree.

Do they have a colourful homepage? Or is it a professional love spells / sex spells website?

It is almost certain that if the colors don’t match and the text was just thrown to the screen that they are trying to make a profit. Spell casters who care about their witchcraft practice will reflect this by showing you a professionally done website by someone for them. Spell casters who are just hobbyist or fake will make a ‘homepage’ slapped together like feel to it.

How long does the spell casting take?

If they can do a spell in 30 minutes or less, than run! Spell casters need to take at least an hour because of the preparations and work involved. It may be clearly stated that the spell caster will do a love spell or sex spell for under 30 minutes and this doesn’t include preparation time and this would be acceptable. Love spells and sex spells normally take up to four hours. Akychi or Egyptian witchcraft practice could take up to a full three days.

Have they explained the full process? Is there more research on their type of spell casting that can be done? For example, egyptian witchcraft, astrology witchcraft, Akychi, and/or channeling psychic caster.

If you are not familiar with the spell casters practice, then look it up. Whether is its Akychi, Egyptian witchcraft, wicca or psychic channeling caster – there will be resources on these types of methods. You should consult a library or archive for this information. Spell casting is an art and a spiritual tradition.

Were they open to allowing you to speak with previous spell casting clients? Did their love spell, sex spell or long-term relationship witchcraft work?

Most spell casters are proud of their work if their spell casting for love spells or sex spells is any good. If they are open to you speaking with a previous client, than ask them to be contacted. It does you no harm to ask the spell caster prior to love spells or sex spells being ordered about the previous history of their witchcraft practice.

Did they speak credible about the spell caster? About love, relationship help and the spell casting service?

When speaking to a spell casters previous client, did they speak nice about the love spells or sex spells being cast for them? You can generally get a good idea from tone a voice whether their love spell or sex spell is extreme or highly effective. If they are quick to say the spell caster had good service, I would give them a benefit of the doubt in spell casting.

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