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Article Four -- Fake Spells, Spell Casting and Spell Casters

Spell Scams

Fake Spell Casters

There is nothing worse than finding out the hard way about fake spell casters! Fake spell casting occurs on many different levels. There are those fake spells that come from people who are inexperienced, spell scams and then kitchen spells which produce no results. The good news is that there will always be signs of a fake spell caster or fake spell casting!

Should you take the time to recognize the signs? I would! Fake spells tend to come from those who don’t tell you much about the spell on their website. They tell you these love spells will bring back your lover, but exactly how do they bring back your lover? You need to be proactive and read through their descriptions. Fake spell casting is ALLOWED due to someone’s ignorance of not reading about love spells.

Fake spell casting involves sending you out emails that are generic. Do their emails look cut and paste? Can you see your name inserted in a standard spot? A fake spell won’t be cast and it is a sure sign when you see a standardized email for EVERY email sent to you. I could understand if a person needs to save their time for doing the actual spell casting.

When trying to identify fake spells, look for an array of cheap colours put together and a messy website that leads you around in CIRCLES. Do you remember a website you came across that was nothing but clicking links? These websites are all about fake spell casting and leading you to the next website of fake spells. Choose websites that show you spells upfront on the main page!

There are an array of different signs of fake spell casting and how fake spell casters go about their business. If you need to know more about fake spells just email me and we can chat about who to look out for when it comes to scams and spells.

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